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Full Stack developer (.Net + React)

We need developers that share our passion for building and scaling cutting-edge apps in a fast-paced, well funded startup! We are looking for developers who have:

— 1+ years developing C# applications using .NET
— 1+ years experience working with Git
— Interest in developing toward proficiency in both of the above
— Ability and desire to work as a Full Stack Developer while developing your own skills
— Strong interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to work effectively in a team environment
— Ability to work outside standard working hours as needed to synchronize with the rest of the business

Preference for:

— Experience working with Entity Framework
— Experience working with PostgreSQL or other relational databases
— Experience with Unit Testing
— Experience tracking work within Jira
— Experience working within small/startup sized organizations
— Experience working in an agile (scrum, kanban, or scrumban) environment

Job Overview:

We are seeking a Software Engineer to help build out our new React web app and the .NET Core API used both internally and by our clients. We’re looking for someone who has worked with teams building well-designed, performant and effective applications in support of complex business rules/flows.

You will work closely with established team members and become familiar with our technology stack. You will be expected to come up to speed and contribute quickly. You will be involved with code reviews and will be expected to follow practices and patterns set forward by existing employees.

The ideal candidate will be proficient in React and .NET and will be interested in working across both technologies with the help of their team.

— Contribute code to C#, PostgreSQL, and React development across multiple projects
— Take on work as directed by team leaders and track your progress on that work in Jira
— Estimate work accurately
— Report your work hours accurately and on time
— Attend regular standups with the team and report on your work/coordinate with other employees
— Progressively grow your understanding of the code base and domain to develop with increasing independence over time
— Collaborate with other teams and team members to help build shared APIs that can serve many applications and scale independently
— Give and receive constructive feedback on pull requests to increase code quality organically
— Write unit tests for both front and back end code

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