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Lead QA Automation Engineer

We are looking for QA Automation Lead to join our team for both automation and end-to-end testing. We want to grow our team, tackle even bigger challenges and do amazing things. We work in focused, agile-based, teams to constantly improve our code base, add new ways of interfacing with the system and have amassed a large backlog of interesting technical challenges and product initiatives. We want to grow to enable even greater success within our industry. This is where you come in!

Dynamics & Personality:
●  Collaborative team member and team building skills
●  Ability to work and collaboration with team members remotely
●  Efficiency mindset
●  Leads by example
●  Mentor to the team
●  Great Problem Solver
●  Strong analytical skills
●  Flexible and Adaptable with changing priorities

Skills & Experiences:
●  3+ years experience as a Senior QA Engineer
●  2+ years experience as a QA Automation Lead
●  3+ years of experience with Selenium and/or Appium
●  Hands-on practitioner from both a test case writing and automation testing perspective; you will lead by example
●  Hands-on experience with performance testing (JMeter, NeoLoad, LoadRunner or similar)
●  Hands-on experience testing APIs as a white/gray box functionality test with solutions such as postman, Smartbear API, or jmeter)
●  Understanding of test writing methodologies, test case coverage analysis and effective hardening and exploration strategies
●  Managerial and mentoring experience would be a plus
●  Experience with Katalon Studio would be a plus
●  Experience with Java/Groovy would be a plus


●  Lead QA team efforts towards successful project delivery
●  Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices
●  Build, own and manage automation test coverage and automated runs
●  Develop test plans and automation for existing software components, APIs and performance 
●  Automated test development, design and code reviews
●  Work with the QA team and engineering management to scope and plan QA and test engineering efforts
●  Design and implement scalable and reliable automated tests

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